Counseling Center

I Can’t We Can is a nonprofit agency established back in May of 1997.  Our affiliated counseling center and our nonprofit corporation provide assistance to those suffering from the disease of addiction.  We offer supportive housing, food, clothing, and counseling using the therapeutic value of one addict helping another.

Our Mission and Vision:  The mission of I Can’t We Can Counseling Center is to “save lives and win souls”, from the self-perpetuating and broad-reaching devastation of the disease of addiction.  We hope to accomplish this by providing intensive outpatient treatment (IOP/OP) to addicted individuals throughout Baltimore City and surrounding counties.  It is our vision to equip individuals with the knowledge that they need in order to remain drug free.

ICWCCC’s philosophy is the notion that addicts are spiritually deprived and that as their body and mind heal, must too their spirit heal.  The goal of ICWCCC is to assist in your recovery and freedom from not only chemical dependency, but also the addictive mindset that led to and enabled ongoing addictive behaviors.